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The books got my child so glued to reading that he went to sleep with one of these... So a small description about the Book is it will make your kids understand the benefits of adequate sleep, healthy food and lessen their screen time... The book is suitable for all age groups in kids and believe me my son was so delighted to read them... Kids can relate to them and message is subtly put out Which is effective I've always found reading books a great way to teach about anything as they don't listen to parents as easily 😀
Highly recommend them 👍

Renuka Patel

A must read for every child.
With the lockdown and all the kids being at home , kids are exposed to a lot of screen time and unhealthy eating practices ! This book teaches the kids the importance of sleep, healthy eating and perils of screentime .
My son Ayansh enjoyed the book thoroughly !!
Highly recommended for all kids !

Surangi Agarwal

This book is a must buy for children who are spending most of their time on screen and also book lovers would freek on this one as it has so much for the kids to read that they will surely get addicted to it for sure with abundance of knowledge..
Surely would recommend to all parents to buy these books and see the change in your lil ones.

Amit Malik

Amazing books. One of a kind. I have 2 girls 5 & 8 and I love the way they related to the characters in the books. They did learn from the book but in a subtle way. It is a book with alot of surprises in it. I was amazed. I highly recommend it. Its a must buy for every kid. It's a path finder.
I'm impressed after really long. Obbu Brown is an amazing author.

Vidhi Aurora

Great book to instill good habits in kids! Would definitely recommend for all little readers to read themselves or to be read to!

Prachi Srivastava

Simple and easy to understand by children and moral of the story is good , poems and picturisation is perfect.

Pooja Bhatia

My daughter loved all the three books. Very well written. Illustrations in the book are attractive too.
My daughter couldn't keep the book down till she finished reading it.

Amazon Customer Review

Loved the set of books! Great way to teach kids good habits and to develop their attention span too ..

Tanya Khubchandani Vatsa

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