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I can never lose- The Value story

Yes, there is an age where the child believes he or she is invincible and this is more so with a child who had a history of winning. This is always not a bad thing, but what if loss makes the little one’s confidence shatter? What if a child is not able to fall and get back up again with the same vigor and determination?

This story is the one of mental endurance and varied emotions children experience in life, sounds heavy, perhaps, however, our story weaves these emotions in the most lighthearted and humorous way, we rate this as one of Obby Brown’s best pieces of work, as we witnessed the narrative touched a child as young as 5 and a parent in the most heartwarming way.
We hope you and your child enjoy this enthralling journey of two children that begins from the beach country of Madagascar and travels right across the ocean to the forest town to Shilaka where their beliefs are about to shatter, will they succumb to challenges or will their determination sail them through? Only time shall tell…

Why do children and parents love our books?

Each story is penned by the author, artistically, with the message of learning. It weaves suspense and humor and is aimed to entertain and stimulate the mind of the parent and child alike. The stories in the books are set across multiple beautiful, and colour rich expressions of cities, towns, and landscapes, from medieval and modern times.
At the end of each story, the fun continues with our engaging fun activities, a melodious sing-along poem, and kudos for you to guess that you shall discover a few of these in stories too.

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