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Did Betsy Lie


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Friends Bore Me- The Survival Story

Some children have experiences that have led them to believe that friends are boring, for some children toxic friends are normal and few lucky ones have good friends around them. Our story is about a young girl named Hanna, Hanna like all children had her set of experiences with her friends, these experiences led her to believe that she was better off alone. However, Hanna had one dear friend who she would wait to meet and play with every weekend, this friend was her cousin Betsy. Hanna and Betsy loved each other more than themselves, but one day something happened that made Hanna suspicious of Betsy’s love and honesty towards her, bold as she was, she did confront Betsy, and then learnt something she could never imagine, that something was about to change Hanna’s life forever. We welcome you to this journey and witness emotions from laughter to suspicion, fear to happiness, confusion to clarity and much more.

Why do children and parents love our books?

Each story is penned by the author, artistically, with the message of learning. It weaves suspense and humor and is aimed to entertain and stimulate the mind of the parent and child alike. The stories in the books are set across multiple beautiful, and colour rich expressions of cities, towns, and landscapes, from medieval and modern times.
At the end of each story, the fun continues with our engaging fun activities, a melodious sing-along poem, and kudos for you to guess that you shall discover a few of these in stories too.

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