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I love Junk Food- The Habit Story

Is it enough for us to offer or perhaps force our children towards healthy food choices? Or rather they space the Junk and opt for a healthy lifestyle? We all will agree to the latter, but is it possible to overcome the cravings? Is it possible for a child to long a healthy body?

Questions, questions and more questions, this debate on junk food is cliche and never-ending. So we thought of throwing the ball in the court of the child, and let the little one decide what is correct. You shall know your child’s answer at the end of this fascinating tale about Libabwa and his sister Juan, with who your child shall travel in this land of mystery situated deep in the forest. Here people don’t live in houses, castles or palaces, but on trees, and this is one of the many surprises that shall unfold in this unique story “I Live on a Tree”.

Why do children and parents love our books?

Each story is penned by the author, artistically, with the message of learning. It weaves suspense and humor and is aimed to entertain and stimulate the mind of the parent and child alike. The stories in the books are set across multiple beautiful, and colour rich expressions of cities, towns, and landscapes, from medieval and modern times.
At the end of each story, the fun continues with our engaging fun activities, a melodious sing-along poem, and kudos for you to guess that you shall discover a few of these in stories too.

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